Argument leads to gunshots in Girard, police say

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Matthew Irwin faces felonious assault and weapons charges

Matthew Irwin, charged with felonious assault, using weapons while intoxicated and discharging firearms within the city limits

GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Police arrested a man after a report that he pointed a gun at a family member during an argument in Girard and later fired it in the breezeway of the house.

Monday night, police were sent to the 100 block of Summit Ave., where they say the incident occurred.

According to a police report, 30-year-old Matthew Irwin pointed a gun at his family member during an argument. Girard police were also told that several shots were heard after Irwin left the house.

Police said they arrived to find Irwin’s vehicle in the driveway and Irwin coming out of the house. Police ordered Irwin out at gunpoint and detained him without incident, the report said.

Irwin was checked for weapons, but police found nothing. He said his gun was still in his truck unloaded with the unloaded magazine in the glove box, the report stated.

Police secured both items and also found a police scanner in the passenger seat.

Irwin’s family member told police that she and Irwin were arguing, leading Irwin to break a few items. She said that he went to his room and returned with his firearm in his holster on his hip. He removed it and pointed it at her face before he left, she told police.

She said he was in the enclosed breezeway when she heard five to six gunshots go off before Irwin left the home, according to the report.

Police reported finding one shell casing on the floor of the breezeway and five more shell casings on the floor of the attached garage. They also located three holes in the overhead garage door and one in the grill and headlight of his family member’s Jeep.

Irwin told police that the gun went off in the breezeway, which scared him because he thought he had put an empty magazine into the gun. He said he went into the garage and fired the other rounds into the trash can so it was empty, the report stated.

Police reported that Irwin smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking two shots and two beers.

Irwin is charged with felonious assault, using weapons while intoxicated and discharging firearms within the city limits. Charges are pending for having weapons while under disability as he has a prior CCW charge.

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