(WKBN) — In March of 2020 indoor dining at restaurants was shut down, and they were limited to take out only. Now two years later, how are some of those restaurant owners doing?

Mark Canzonetta owns Youngstown’s Bistro 1907. Joe Rzonsa owns Boardman’s Blue Wolf Tavern.

“Things are good. They are really good,” said Rzonsa

“It’s been brisk. It’s been fantastic,” said Canzonetta.

Two years after COVID closed inside dining Canzonetta also said it’s not back to normal.

“I mean, we’re at full capacity when we’re open. But we’re only open four and a half days a week versus pre-COVID, we were open breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” said Canzonetta.

That’s because Bistro 1907 is down about 20 employees. Canzonetta has tried everything — pay raises, health benefits. He said there’s nothing left to do.

“I feel in my opinion a lot of people have segmented out of my industry and went to either Amazon or factories or whatever they’re doing,” said Canzonetta.

The Blue Wolf is also down around 20 employees, but the only change it’s made is closing earlier on weekends.

“You know the Friday, Saturday late-night 1:30, 2:30 in the morning, they’re not as heavy anymore,” said Rzonsa.

When interior dining was shut down Blue Wolf went all-in on take-out and that segment remains strong.

“So we actually added an extra layer of things that we didn’t do before which is a fantastic carry-out and delivery business that was pretty outstanding all the way through the pandemic and continues today,” said Rzonsa.

Now both restaurants are dealing with the increased cost of everything.

“Prices across the board have jumped between five and 15 percent,” said Canzonetta.

“We have had to raise each and every pasta dish up a dollar, or two, sometimes three,” said Rzonsa.

“Everybody is doing very well. The crowds are great. The hotel’s been doing wonderful with traveling guests, traveling sports teams. So we’ve been really really busy,” said Canzonetta.

“We’re in the middle of finding our new normal. I think that folks are more comfortable going out. I think that they’re having fun going out,” said Rzonsa.

Both Rzonsa and Canzonetta are bullish on the restaurant business, o much so that each is opening a new restaurant. In late summer, Canzonetta will open Wahaka — a Mexican restaurant in Howland — where Sunrise Inn Express used to be.

In June, Rzonsa is opening Garden Kettle at the former Eat’n Park location in Boardman focusing on the lunch crowd.

Both will be primarily take-out so only a limited staff will be needed.