(WKBN) — In a 16-day span — between May 7 and the 22 — Abbie Campana received two diplomas, one from Lakeview High School and the other from Youngstown State. No one in the history of Lakeview had ever done that before. Campana is driven to learn.

“And then over here are some of my friends. There’s some of my YSU people in there,” said Abbie.

The garage at Abbie’s Cortland home is lined with pictures for Saturday’s graduation party — pre-school, softball, her siblings. Also on display will be her two diplomas from Lakeview High School and her associate’s degree in business administration from Youngstown State.

“So when COVID hit, Lakeview was hybrid schedule. So we were only going to school two days a week and it wasn’t enough for me,” said Abbie.

Abbie and her mother, Angela, explained Ohio’s College Credit Plus program in which Abbie enrolled during her sophomore year.

“And then second semester of junior year I went full time at YSU with YSU professors, YSU peers, and then I continued that through my senior year,” said Abbie.

“This program is not for everyone. It will take a child that can be very independent and be able to navigate the college world,” said Angela.

“I had about a week of adjustment period and then I was fine. It was no different than the high school classes I was sitting in sophomore year,” said Abbie.

“She says the classes were easy, but she put a lot of work in there,” said Angela.

Abbie was also still a student at Lakeview. She returned for events like prom and graduation.

“So every class that I took at YSU covered a credit that I would need at Lakeview. So you needed four math classes. I had four but at a college level,” said Abbie.

Abbie had a 4.0 GPA at both Lakeview and YSU, and the college courses? Lakeview Schools and the state of Ohio paid for them all. The Campanas saved a lot of college tuition.

“60 to 70 thousand dollars for the two years,” said Angela.

When Abbie starts at Bowling Green she’ll be 10 hours short of being a senior. She’ll major in supply chain management and finance. Any regrets?

“No. None at all. If I had to go back and do it again I would. One hundred percent,” said Abbie.

Angela forwarded an email from one of Abbie’s college professors which spoke of her character. It read in part, “If you run for President of the United States one day or become a savvy CEO of a brilliant company that you built from the ground up, just know I am forever rooting in your every corner. I can’t wait to hear about how you have changed the world.”