Are your accounts safe? New tech creating more opportunities for scammers

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Scammers have gotten smarter when it comes to getting personal banking information

(WKBN) – Some financial experts say people should keep a better eye on their bank accounts and credit information.

Scammers have gotten smarter when it comes to getting personal banking information.

Part of that is because more people are using their routing and bank account numbers to pay for items online.

This could range from paying an electric bill to sending money through a cash app.

David Maxwell, of Bury Financial Group, said while convenient for shoppers, it can also make it easier for criminals to access the information.

“You’re putting your faith and trust into those companies, and then those companies have your information and is another company that could potentially have some type of cyber crime against them that could put your information at risk,” Maxwell said.

Financial experts say they are also seeing an increase in fraud during tax season.

In a study by a local bank, for every 10,000 credit or debit purchases, 25 of them were fraudulent.

“Criminals, instead of breaking into your house, are taking your banking information, doing it over the computer with viruses and everything along those lines. I think it’s just the world we live in with technology,” Maxwell said.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re best protected:

— You should always be checking your accounts almost daily. If there are any odd purchases, make sure you notify your bank immediately.

— Use strong passwords, and don’t use information that could be beneficial to scammers such as maiden names or your old street name.

— Be wary of calls in which callers claim to be from the IRS or some type of collection agency. A majority of the time, they will reach out to you via the mail.

— It’s also not common for anyone to ask you for your bank details. This should be one of the first red flags to look for when protecting yourself from bank fraud.

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