Are there enough jobs in the Youngstown area for the upcoming graduating classes?

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Some say there are jobs available, job seekers just have to be open to being flexible with the positions they take

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On Dec. 15, roughly 650 students will graduate from Youngstown State University.

But, are there jobs available for those who wish to stay in the area?

“The big jobs, of course, are anything medical, engineering is a big draw, there seems to be a lot of positions in that field. IT is always a big field, accounting, as well as if they wanted to go into something else like manufacturing,” said Cyndy Bresnahan, business services manager at Ohio Means Jobs, Mahoning County.

A recent report showed that Youngstown and Warren hold the highest unemployment rates for the state of Ohio.

But, Bresnahan says there are jobs available, job seekers just have to be open to being flexible with the positions they take.

“I think it’s realistic that people can find that. Will it be the dream job, the final job that you stay in for your entire career? Maybe not for everybody, in fact, it certainly won’t be for everyone based on the amount of job opportunities,” said Justin Edwards, director of career and academic advising at YSU.

Edwards and Bresnahan both agree that starting in a lower position will help build a work history that will lead to a person’s more desired position.

Brent Bigelow is a senior at YSU. His major is in sports broadcasting and he currently works at The Jambar, YSU’s school newspaper, running their social media.

He said he wouldn’t mind staying in the area if he could find a good job, but wouldn’t mind leaving as well.

“I think expanding and kind of just going to the bigger cities is kind of like what a lot of college kids are doing. I know a lot of people that are getting jobs in Cleveland, people getting jobs and internships in Pittsburgh,” Bigelow said.

Edwards said at YSU they use a job posting board called Handshake to help students and alumni find jobs in the area. He says there are over 700 entry-level positions within 100 miles of Youngstown posted.

He also says most employers are open to hiring outside of an employee’s studied field.

“One of the things that we see is, I think more and more of an increase of employers who are open to working with students, regardless of their degree,” Edwards said.

The Office of Career and Academic Advising at YSU offers Career Corner services where students can stop in Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Jones Hall, room 2002.

There, students can receive help with resume building, job searching, free headshots and even free clothes for interviews.

Students and alumni of YSU who would like to use the Handshake job posting website can do so by visiting its website.

Ohio Means Jobs also offers services to help individuals with resumes, job applications and job searching. They can be reached on their website or by calling their office at 330-965-1787.

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