POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — The replacement of some water meters is still causing problems in Poland.

Angelica Mrakovich had a new meter installed last month. She just got a bill that said she had used 4,500 gallons in eight days under the old meter, and then 4,500 gallons in 22 days with the new meters.

The bill was $421.75.

Mrakovich called Aqua who just wanted to schedule someone to check for leaks.

Aqua said about 90% of high water bills are the result of leaks such as toilet flappers that don’t seat properly and the toilet connotes to run.

She wishes technology had kicked out her bill first and signaled a problem Aqua should investigate.

“You know I had to reach out to them, which is fine. I’m over it. But it’s the fact that you know, I have this normal bill and then I have this abnormal bill. And had I not reached out to them would have it just accumulated and accumulated and accumulated. I don’t know,” said Mrakovich.

Aqua said there was a problem with 75 meters not being installed properly in Poland, but they’ve been corrected.

Mrakovich was told by the county sanitation department her meter probably needs to be calibrated. She does not have to pay the Aqua bill while the problem is being checked out.

If you receive an extremely high bill, especially if you’ve recently had your meter changed, you should call Aqua’s customer service line at 877-987-2782 and ask to make an appointment to have the meter checked.

Their staff will make sure everything is installed correctly and show the customer how to tell if there is water passing through the meter as a way to identify leaks.

Aqua said no one will be charged for water that did not go through their meter.