LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Three members of Lordstown’s Board of Public Affairs Tuesday afternoon delayed a decision on allowing Warren to provide water to a second proposed power plant.

Lordstown Village Council followed by sending to first reading similar legislation all of which put the fate of the billion-dollar power plant project in jeopardy.

Bill Siderewicz, owner of Clean Energy Future, made his position clear when it comes to building a second power plant in Lordstown.

“If there’s no decision on this water contract, there is no Trumbull project,” said Siderewicz.

Siderewicz was speaking to Lordstown’s Board of Public Affairs which was deciding whether to allow Warren to run lines and provide the water for the Trumbull Energy Center — a second gas-powered electrical generating plant next to the one on Route 45 in Lordstown.

“So in essence, this is a risk-free scenario to the village for the BPA to collect $600,000 a year and for the village to receive $85 million over the life of the project,” said Siderewicz.

Board member Christopher Peterson requested the Warren water issue be tabled — to hire a lawyer for further study. But fellow board member Mike Sullivan said the tabled motion should be for only two weeks.

“You know, I don’t want to hold it up forever. I know we got to give them an answer and I know it’s important,” said Sullivan.

Lordstown’s lawyer Paul Dutton questioned the need for delaying a vote.

“So is the purpose just to wait and see what council does tonight or is there some other reason,” said Dutton.

Dutton called it impossible to get an analysis of a project of this magnitude completed in just two weeks.

“That’s the type of crap you get from rich people and big business. They don’t care about the local people,” said resident Tom Dietz.

Four Lordstown residents spoke, none of whom supported allowing Warren to run the water to the plant.

“There’s absolutely no trust in the village council, the mayor, and some people on the BPA,” said resident Richard Biggs.

The Board of Public Affairs voted 2-1 to table the issue with only Chairman Kevin Campbell voting no.

“I’m just fearful if the project goes away that these benefits listed for the village are no longer something to consider,” said Campbell.

At its meeting an hour later, Lordstown Village Council sent the Warren water issue to first reading. The Board of Public Affairs has scheduled another meeting for two weeks on Tuesday, July 5 at 4 p.m. Council will meet June 30 to send it to second reading and then again after the BPA meeting on July 5.