(WKBN) — Dreams have promise, but many times they get crushed; that was the story for Doug Oesch, who calls East Palestine home.

For the second time in two weeks, a local person got on the Price is Right. This one proved keeping the faith is real.

“I’ve been doing this for seven years,” Oesch said. “I went [on] 17 trips out there, and that was my 41st try.”

Competition is tough during bidding. Oesch pulled on his experience of watching the show in person and every episode on video.

“The prize I won I knew there had been one on before and but they had other stuff with it,” Oesch said. “So I just tried to reduce my head. I was shocked I got it.”

The winning bid got him on stage where he won a computer package and motor scooter. The air purifying system, he’s donating to his sister in East Palestine.

“She’s going to keep one, and then anybody who’s posting would need an air purifier for some people having problems bringing since a train wreck. I’m donating it all to them,” Oesch said.

Oesch is a former councilman in East Palestine. He’s 60 now and lives in North Carolina. He’s made many Price is Right friends and had a unique style while trying to get on the show. His wardrobe includes 41 shirts — he would never wear the same one twice.

Oesch didn’t reach the showcase, but he was fine with how the show turned out. He got to play the game and realize, dreams do come true.

“I always tell people if you really, really, really want something don’t ever give up it will happen,” he said.

Oesch was named a Top 20 Super Fan of The Price is Right this year.

How deep is his connection to the game? He was born on September 4, 1962 — and the show first aired on September 4, 1972.