Another injection well approved to operate in Brookfield

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BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Another injection well has been given a permit to begin operating in Brookfield.

The Highland Field Services injection well #4 was given the approval to start injecting saltwater brine.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued the order June 3.

The Brookfield well has 15 conditions placed on its operations:

1) No liquids or waste matter from any source other than saltwater, as that term is defined in Ohio Adm.Code 1501:9-3-01(E),  may be injected into this well.
2) All fluids must be stored in approved tanks and allowed to settle before injection.
3) Surface injection pressure shall not exceed 1,840 psi.
4) A Murphy Switch or other cut-off switch device must be in-line with the injection pump and set at the maximum allowable surface injection pressure of 1,840 psi, so that the pump will automatically shut down upon exceeding 1,840 psi.
5) The annulus between the injection tubing and the 7″ production casing must be monitored continuously, as described in condition 6 below. If such monitoring indicates a leak in the casing, tubing or packer, the well must be immediately shut down and the applicable division inspector and the division’s underground injection control section must be notified.
6) All injection pressures and annulus pressures must be continuously recorded on a tamper-proof continuous recording device, such as a two-pen recorder or other digital recording device. These monitoring records shall be available to the division upon request.
7) Injection pressures and volumes must be monitored on a daily operational basis, with average and maximum injection pressures and volumes compiled and recorded on a monthly basis and filed annually with the division.
8) Results of the monitoring required must be filed with the division annually. This report is due no later than April 15 of the following calendar year.
9) Any proposed changes in the operational conditions authorized by this order must be requested in writing to the division’s UIC section.
10) Upon discontinuance of injection operations, the owner/operator must apply for a permit to plug and abandon the well as set forth in Ohio Adm.Code 1501:9-3-07(K).
11) The fee levied under R.C. 1509.22(H)(1) shall be paid to the division no later than 30 days after the end of each quarter of a calendar year.
12) The owner or operator of the Highland Brookfield No. 4 Well shall lawfully dispose of all wastes resulting from the operations, including filter media, and maintain records of any required testing for disposal or transport for disposal and manifests of final disposition of the wastes. The owner or operator shall provide the division the records upon request of the division.
13) The owner or operator of the Highland Brookfield No. 4 Well immediately shall suspend operations at the well upon receipt of a notification from the chief that the chief has determined that the well may be related to seismic activity or pose a risk of creating or increasing seismic activity.
14) The owner or operator of the Highland Brookfield No. 4 saltwater injection well shall monitor for seismicity in at least three locations approved by the division, with equipment approved by the division, until a time that the chief finds that seismic monitoring can be discontinued. The owner or operator of the Highland Brookfield No. 4 saltwater injection well shall provide the division with real-time access to the seismic data for the duration of the monitoring.
15) The owner or operator of the Highland Brookfield No. 4 Well shall comply with all other requirements established in R.C. Chapter 1509 and Ohio Adm.Code 1501:9-3.

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