LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A humane investigation is underway after six animals and three children were removed from a home in Lordstown.

“If you see something, say something, you know? These animals did not get this thin overnight,” said Lori Shandor, CEO of the Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Trumbull County.

Investigators served the warrant earlier on Wednesday.

A skinny husky-mix dog is one of four dogs and two cats AWL is now caring for. The animals were removed during a search of a home in the 1700 block of Lyntz Townline Road.

Shandor says it stemmed from an investigation that began when two thin dogs were brought to the shelter as strays.

“We’ve seen the dogs before, they’ve come in here as strays. Our understanding is they’ve also been at some of the local pounds as strays possibly. So we were familiar with where the dogs came from,” she said.

Humane agents with the Animal Welfare League removed four dogs from a home in Lordstown on Wednesday.

Shandor says based on the condition of those dogs, humane agents were concerned about other animals in the home and obtained a search warrant. Lordstown police assisted in the search.

Two adults and a two-year-old child were home at the time.

“It’s not fit for anybody to reside in as a human being, it’s just completely, it was in deplorable condition inside. So we’ve notified the health department to come take a look and they can do their job,” said Lordstown Police Capt. Chris Bordonaro.

Police say because there were three children living in the home, Children Services was contacted and took custody of the kids.

Humane agents continue to investigate and are now trying to figure out why the dogs are so thin. Shandor says the condition of the dogs removed ranges from emaciated to a little underweight.

“There was bags of food there — we did not see where the animals actually had access to the food though. So we don’t know. Are they that thin because they weren’t getting enough food or is there some other medical, underlying medical reason that they are so underweight?” she said.

Shandor says charges are pending in the case.