NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – So far in two days 44 cats were removed from the rescue’s care, and humane agents say they still need to go back to get more.

Humane agents with the Animal Welfare League are continuing their investigation after removing more than three dozen cats from a home on Higley Avenue in Niles.

Cats in feces-filled traps and kittens in dirty cages where CEO Lori Shandor confirmed was the animal rescue called “Niles Cat Crusade.”

“It was an animal rescue that was operating under these conditions,” said Shandor.

Humane agents were allowed into the home on Tuesday and removed 25 cats so far.

Shandor said they had been to the property Monday and were denied entry but removed 13 cats in live traps outside.

Investigators first learned about the case from a concerned citizen.

“While we were beginning to investigate that location, we received a call from a veterinarian that works with TNR of Warren about the state of some cats that had arrived there for spay/neuter surgery,” said Shandor.

Shandor said those six cats came from the property on Higley too, and because of their medical and physical state, most of the cats seized Monday had to be put down.

“There was severe urine scalding from them being in their own urine. Many of the cats also had severe matting of feces all around them,” said Shandor. “To have them residing in a live trap for weeks on end is simply inhumane and cruel.”

Charges are pending in the case.

Shandor said people who take on the role of an animal rescuer should be held to a higher standard.

“The idea of somebody taking an animal from a less than ideal place and putting them into these horrendous conditions is just…it’s saddening and it is devastating,” said Shandor.