NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – A dog named Diesel was taken into the woods and shot by his owner on Friday night, according to Animal Charity of Ohio.

Diesel’s owner reportedly drove him from Struthers to North Jackson, walked him into the woods and shot him three times.

A witness saw the owner and dog walk into the woods together and called police after hearing the gunshots.

The police and humane agent arrived quickly and spoke with the owner.

According to Animal Charity, charges will be filed once the necropsy and investigation is complete.

The body is now in the care of Animal Charity.

Jane MacMurchy with Animal Charity said that this could have been prevented.

“There is no reason to be cruel and shoot a dog and let it suffer and let it bleed to death internally and die,” MacMurchy said.

Animal Charity said owners have many options when it comes to giving up an animal, including surrendering it to the Mahoning County Dog Warden.