BEAVER TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – In January, Angels for Animals will be hosting its fourth Feline Fix Fest. The event will run through February.

For $20, you can get your cat spayed or neutered.

As the new year arrives, those at Angels for Animals want to remind everyone how important it is to fix cats before they go into heat.

Cats go into heat when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. They continue to breed until the fall.

Angels for Animals Founder Diane Less said cats ovulate spontaneously, meaning they release eggs on a regular basis. This factor and the unfixed cats have created an overpopulation of cats.

“We have like 900 cats in our system. We got 500 animals in foster care,” she said. “We can’t find any more foster parents. It’s so difficult. We need so much help here with the cat issue.”

Less said fixing cats will prevent other cats from being put down in the future. Every cat that gets spayed or neutered stops 30 kittens from being born.

“People have a problem with the euthanasia of animals. The answer is, if you don’t like euthanasia, don’t allow unwanted birth because that’s why, that’s what creates euthanasia of healthy animals if they’re not adoptable and there’s no space for them,” Less said.

Less said people can also help by getting the stray cats in their neighborhoods fixed.

If there is a stray cat you would like to catch and have fixed, you can borrow a cat trap from Angels for Animals.