Amer Adi returns to Youngstown

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Amer Adi, a local businessman who was deported in 2018, has returned to Youngstown.

Family members confirmed his return Thursday.

Three years and seven months after Al Adi was put on a plane and sent back to his native Jordan, he has returned to the United States.

Adi was the owner of the Downtown Circle Convenience Store and Deli. He had been in the United States for 39 years before being deported back to his native country of Jordan.

Amer Adi is reunited with his mother in Jordan (photo courtesy of Adi’s daughter, Lina).

A Facebook post by Adi’s daughter Wednesday showed him and his wife Fidaa Musleh at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, with the caption, “Welcome home!!!!!!” and “He’s back.”

According to attorney Mike Morely, who is part of Adi’s legal team, Adi was allowed into the United States on what is known as a “humanitarian visa.” Morely described the visa as a “A vehicle toward permanence. A legal path toward U.S. citizenship.”

Morely says Adi is with family somewhere around Youngstown.

“I’m absolutely thrilled. He was tearing up when I talked to him the other night, when he’d just got in from Mexico. Just so happy. He has grandkids now that he hasn’t been able to see. His daughters are here in the states. It was such so heartening after all the whole community went through with him to see him back. It’s wonderful,” said Representative Tim Ryan.

Adi had a grandchild born while he was deported. “He’s over the moon,” was how Morely described Adi’s reaction to being home. “His family is really happy,” he said.

Morely did not know if Adi would be making himself available for comment.

“I told someone he has a good congressman, but he has a great lawyer in Dave Leapold. He’s to be commended for really helping him out. He found out how to get him into Mexico. And this is part of having more common sense immigration laws, unlike the ones that got him thrown out of the country,” Ryan said.

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