NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – North Jackson is now home to a piece of the growing Amazon empire.

Chances are, those packages you’re getting from the delivery service giant are now coming through the new facility in western Mahoning County.

On Tuesday afternoon, managers with the company gave a first look inside the warehouse located at the Commerce Industrial Park — just a short drive from Interstates 76 and 80 and the Ohio Turnpike.

“We want to be close to our customers and the customer demand here is strong,” said Amazon Regional Operations Director Sean Healy. “It allows us to get packages to them as quickly as possible.”

Ordered items are shipped to North Jackson from regional distribution, also called fulfillment centers, then sorted and given numbers and labels before being sent on to their final destinations.

“This facility enables us to have Last Mile capability to get packages and shipments to our customers faster,” Healy said.

While there are roughly 200 full- and part-time employees working inside the warehouse, there are hundreds more making deliveries. Some are working as independent contract drivers and others are working in partnership with Amazon.

“Typically, we run four ten-hour schedules and they get three days off each week,” said Tom Lynch, with Smile Logistics. “We’re running about 25 routes a day.”

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By next month, there will be six of these delivery service partners using vans to get packages from the North Jackson warehouse to destinations in this part of northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

“I have 22 drivers hired,” said Stacy Howlett, with Howlett Logistics. “We’re all growing to at least 25 and beyond, as far as our trucks go, and this has just been an amazing opportunity to get in with the biggest company in the world.”

The North Jackson facility marks the fourth delivery station in Ohio utilizing Amazon Logistics, which allows flexibility in delivery options with independent or small business delivery providers.

Amazon announced Monday it is building two distribution centers in Ohio — one in Akron at the former Rolling Acres Mall and another in Toledo.

The company also took the day to present a donation of $10,000 in STEM equipment to the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown.