(WKBN) – We’re less than three weeks away from Halloween! We’ve got some tips for parents with young kids who will be trick-or-treating or homeowners who plan to pass out candy.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about candy and chocolate. Kids can take part in the fun and nourish their bodies at the same time.

One thing to keep in mind, not every kid can eat Halloween candy due to things like food allergies or diabetes.

There’s an initiative known as the Teal Pumpkin Project that’s aimed at making Halloween more inclusive for kids with food allergies. Homeowners are encouraged to put alternatives like bouncy balls, bookmarks and glowsticks in a teal pumpkin.

There are also some healthy tips for the kiddos who can eat Halloween candy.

“When you get home, ration through it. Let them have a couple of treats when you get home but save the rest of it for some other date,” said Dr. Therese Linnon with Akron Children’s Hospital.

Parents are also encouraged to feed their kids dinner before heading out to trick-or-treat since they’ll be less likely to indulge in all of their candy on a full stomach.