Alliance man awaits trial on charges that he threatened to bomb Mahoning County courthouse

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Tyler Graham was caught making a pair of telephone bomb threats on July 12

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s going to be a while longer before a man charged with making bomb threats to delay a sentencing in court goes on trial. The case needs to find another judge to hear it.

Prosecutors say Tyler Graham has gotten himself into a whole lot more trouble than he was back in July, when he was facing sentencing on a felonious assault conviction.

“He would have been out in probably 10 more months,” said Atty. Ken Cardinal.

But Cardinal says that was before Graham was caught making a pair of telephone bomb threats on July 12, forcing the evacuation of the Mahoning County Courthouse and several nearby buildings.

“He did this for the purpose of avoiding for another week, a sentence that he knew that he was going to receive,” Cardinal said.

So while Graham serves his three-year sentence in the county jail, he’s facing a slew of additional charges from the bomb threats.

“Now, he’s looking at 17 and a half years,” Cardinal said.

Plus, Cardinal said while Graham has been in the jail, he was recorded talking to family members in the Alliance area about a gun.

“He told his dad, ‘Dad, I told you I stole that gun’ when he stole that gun. He was under disability at that time. He should never have had a gun,” Cardinal said.

Now he’s facing indictment in Stark County on weapons charges.

As for Tuesday morning’s hearing, Judge Anthony Donofrio agreed to recuse himself from Graham’s local case and other judges are expected to do the same since the bomb threats made all courthouse employees potential victims.

“The Supreme Court will then appoint a judge to come in and preside over this case from start to finish,” Cardinal said.

For now, Graham will continue serving his time in jail while waiting for his next case to go forward.

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