Akron-area woman claims to have been scammed by suspect in Austintown hit and run

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The woman said Brandon Ferrier gave her a different last name and told her his wealthy family owned several area businesses

(WKBN) – A woman from the Akron area claims to have been scammed by the suspect in a hit and run crash Wednesday morning.

New video shows the last moments of a police chase involving Brandon Ferrier, who ended up crashing his car. Two hours earlier, police said Ferrier ran down a garbage man standing next to his truck while racing away from a traffic stop with a sheriff’s deputy.

Ferrier was booked into the Mahoning County Jail on Thursday after being treated at an Akron hospital.

Brandon Ferrier, of Canfield, suspect in Austintown hit and run

Brooke Barnes, who lives in Cuyahoga Falls, said Ferrier conned his way into her life and took advantage of her.

She said her first encounter with Ferrier was in late June after they met through a dating app.

“After that, we continued to text back and forth, call on each other, whatever. He seemed like a really nice guy,” she said.

Barnes said at the time, Ferrier told her his last name was Pugh and that his wealthy family owned several businesses in the Valley.

“He really kinda, like, played the part so well. That was so believable. He had business cards for them, all kinds of stuff,” she said.

Barnes said while playing the role, Ferrier offered to help her make a down payment on a new Jeep. He gave her a $5,300 check that they deposited into her bank account at the Boardman Giant Eagle.

“He kept saying it should clear within, you know, five to seven days. It wasn’t clearing,” Barnes said.

Then one night during a 4th of July party, she let him hold the keys to her car so she could go to the gym the next morning.

“I opened my wallet and credit cards were missing. I had probably $600 in cash in there from being a nanny and tips from work that I was going to take to the bank. All that was gone,” she said.

Barnes said Ferrier immediately denied taking her things, but then she started looking into his past.

“I started going on Google, typing in his name, where he lived, his phone number. I end up coming up with information,” she said.

Barnes said the relationship ended and she filed a report with her local police but no charges came of it.

She became aware of his criminal background seeing our story last night online, saying she feels sad for him.

“Why would he wanna come into an innocent person’s life that did nothing wrong to him and just totally financially mess me up emotionally, financially, you know?” she said.

Barnes also believes Ferrier has no remorse for what he does, thinking everything he ever told her was a lie.

“He definitely knows the game. He knows what he’s doing and he knows. He has no remorse for what he’s doing because he continues to do it,” she said.

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