WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — A Warren man is celebrating a big milestone in February, and he’s got quite the life experience to show for it.

“I’m coming up on my 100th birthday on February 8, so I’ve been around for a while,” Jeff Littell said.

At an age when most people have slowed down, 99-year-old Littell is an anomaly. His secret: staying active.

“Yeah if you sit down and don’t do nothing you get old I think,” Littell said.

From fighting in World War II to helping build churches to repairing instruments for his bluegrass group, Littell keeps himself busy because he enjoys it.

“I just do it to have something to do, I won’t charge them. They always want to give me something but when I just fix somebody’s stuff I do it just for nothing,” Littell said.

He’s still active in the bluegrass community and plays every Thursday with a group in Warren.

“I just like the old music, bluegrass is the only thing that is old anymore,” Littell said.

He said he’s played for local bands, some of which include North Coast Bluegrass, Sweet Clover and Bear Mountain Boys.

The oldest of 13 children, Littell is the first to reach triple digits.

Though the gene pool looks promising — his mom lived to be almost 103 and his father’s mom lived to be 108.

“I never drank a beer, I never smoked, they wonder how I lived so long — I told them that probably had something to do with it,” Littell said.

He said he has no plans of slowing down or giving up bluegrass any time soon.