YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — For the second day in a row, housing and humane agents and police had to deal with an animal hoarding situation.

Crews were rounding up dogs Thursday afternoon at a house in the 3000 block of McGuffey Rose that was condemned. Eight small dogs were taken out of a trailer on the property that has a foot of feces and urine caked to the floor.

Crews then found three dogs in the house after a humane agent had to break a window to get inside. Housing agents later got a door open.

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  • Animal hoarding trailer at McGuffey Rose in Youngstown

Jane MacMurchy, of Animal Charity, believed that the dogs had little human interaction. Two of the responders were bit while getting those two dogs out of the house.

“Time was of the essence to get them out from the falling furniture and falling trash… So we just had to, unfortunately, take the chance that we got to pick them up,” she said.

Housing agents said the owner of the house, who lives nearby and rents the property to the woman who lived in the trailer, reported the violations.

The landlord was given several citations, and the woman living there was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center for a physical and psychiatric examination.

MacMurchy continued to preach about Youngstown needing more laws and resources for people dealing with mental health crises.

Wednesday, several agencies collected over 60 cats from another home in the 400 block of Breaden Street. They went back Thursday to see if any more cats were around the house.