(WKBN) – As tens of millions make plans for holiday travel this week and next, those who keep an eye on the highways are reminding drivers to pay attention and be safe.

Leaders with AAA are joining forces with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Department of Transportation to promote the “Slow Down, Move Over” campaign. It’s aimed at protecting first responders, construction crews and others who may be helping people on the side of the road.

They say one of the biggest concerns is keeping those under the influence or distracted from getting behind the wheel.

“‘Cause tragically, when you see these instances at the roadside, where people, they either end up in the hospital or dead, a lot of these crashes, the vast majority of them are preventable, and if you have to put your cell phone in the back seat to make that happen, to make sure that you’re paying attention while you’re driving, so be it,” said Jim Garrity, of AAA.

Under Ohio law, drivers are required to reduce speed and move over into another lane when they approach any vehicle stopped on the roadside with flashing lights, even if it’s just a tow truck.