(WKBN) – While the nearest abortion clinic to the Valley is in Akron, all counties are required to report abortion statistics. The most recent report available comes from 2020.

In 2020, there were over 400 abortions from Mahoning County residents. Over 200 of the abortions were from Black residents, which is a significantly higher percentage than in most other counties. Only 90 abortions were actually performed in Mahoning County.

There were 258 abortions among Trumbull County residents in 2020, but no abortions were performed in the county.

There were only 42 Columbiana County residents who got abortions in 2020, though no abortions were performed in the county.

The Ohio county with the highest amount of abortions performed was Cuyahoga County, which also houses the closest abortion clinic to the Valley.

In Pennsylvania, there were only approximately 100 abortions performed among Mercer County residents, though none were performed in Mercer County in 2020.

Lawrence County residents had 116 abortions and again, none were performed in the county.

The nearest abortion clinics to these counties are in Pittsburgh. Allegheny County had 6,480 abortion procedures performed locally in 2020.