NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Springfield High School had what some students call their favorite tradition — Friday was tractor day.

It has also become a rite of passage.

Once you hit high school, you can ditch the bus or your car and jump on your John Deere or Kubota and drive it to school.

It’s also probably the only day these kids show up early and hang out in the parking lot before class.

Superintendent Tom Yazvac says the energy was especially high this year as they get back to some normalcy after a year of COVID-19 struggles.

“So the kids get excited with this, it brings the whole community out. We have parents out here looking, grandparents, community members watching. The only people that might be a little annoyed are people trying to get to work on the roadway getting slowed down, but it’s one day a year, they’ll get over it,” he said.

Even Yazvac rode his own tractor to school.