YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Just before the storm blew in, one Youngstown woman got a Christmas miracle when her lost dog was returned.

“Oh, man. It was like a gift,” said Ella Evans.

Two weeks ago, Evans’ dog Tony jumped out of the car and disappeared. Evans was getting dropped off at the WRTA station downtown when Tony hopped out of the car window.

“I was sick. I was really, really down,” Evans said.

They searched and searched, but Evans couldn’t find her dog. As the winter storm neared, Evans became increasingly worried about Tony.

“He’s my best friend. Every day, you know, I miss him right behind me, every move I make in the house,” Evans said.

Evans gave up on getting Tony back until Thursday, when Hollie Musolino-Goodin noticed something weird on her way into work downtown. She works as a deputy clerk in the Mahoning County Commissioners’ Office. She saw a little tan and black dog running around on the sidewalk and knew she had to help.

“He followed me right into the building, onto the elevator and up to the office,” Musolino-Goodin said.

Everyone in the office took care of Tony while Musolino-Goodin tried to find his owner. They, along with the Mahoning County dog warden, found a post by Evans’ daughter.

“To know that bringing him home to someone, especially with a storm coming, it was like a scene out of a Hallmark movie. It really was like a Christmas miracle,” Musolino-Goodin said.

Musolino-Goodin’s coworkers Audrey and Ryan dropped Tony off at Evans’ house on Youngstown’s North Side, where it was all hugs and tears.

“I got my Tony back,” Evans said.