SPRINGFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Fire destroyed a home on Felger Road in Springfield Township this past weekend. Firefighters believe it started near a wood burner. Now, they’re warning people to make sure chimneys are ready to go as the temperature is expected to drop later this week.

Fire Chief Matt Gebhardt says what caused the fire is undetermined but believes it’s possible a chimney fire could be to blame.

The fire was first reported just after midnight Saturday morning by a neighbor.

Caller: “There is a fire across from our street at 9511. The whole house is on fire.”
Dispatcher: “OK, OK. 9511, what road?”
Caller: “Felger.”

Gebhardt says a man and his two children were living at the home. They were renting it from the owner. All four were there when the fire started.

Gebhart says the owner spoke with dispatchers after first, trying to put the fire out.

Dispatcher: “Are you inside the house?”
Caller: “No, there’s no way.”
Dispatcher: “OK. Is everybody out?”
Caller: “Please, please help me save it.”
Dispatcher: “They’re already dispatched, sir. They’re already dispatched out to you. Is everybody out of the house?”
Caller: “We need a lot of water.”

Six fire departments responded to the scene.

No one was seriously hurt.

Gebhardt says a delay in calling 911 led to the extensive damage. The home was completely destroyed — only charred remnants of what was inside remain.

Gebhardt encourages people who use fireplaces or wood burners to use seasoned wood and make sure chimneys are cleaned and inspected.