FARRELL, Pa. (WKBN) — Christmas weekend was not what some in Farrell were hoping for. About 50 people were evacuated from an apartment building in the city after a severe water main break on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, many tenants learned some good news on Monday.

Evacuating their homes on Christmas Eve was the last thing the more than 50 residents and several pets at the Farrell Choice Building wanted to do. Unfortunately, due to a water main break, they were left with no other option.

The Mercer County Housing Authority (MCHA) did what it could immediately.

“They had to move out to the Quality Inn. Some individuals went with their family members,” said MCHA director Holly Nogay.

Nogay said the Red Cross helped feed residents the first night, then local caterer Guy Gibbs stepped in and volunteered his time to feed everyone Christmas dinner.

According to the Farrell Fire Department, there was major flooding with structural damage. This meant the water could pose a danger.

“The fire marshall stated that we had to make sure that it was safe since water had touched the electrical boxes,” Nogay said.

Nogay said the water in the building had since been turned off. DISS Restoration has been working non-stop to get the building ready.

“We have three other people on call with me, but a huge chunk of our team, they all came in on their days off. They took time away from their families so that we could make sure that this was taken care of,” said DISS estimator Jessica Billbe.

DISS has been working to dry the building out so that residents can begin returning home.

Nogay says residents are safe and keeping their spirits high.

“They were grateful that we came out, addressed it as fast as we could. Got them in a hotel, made sure that they were fed on Christmas Day,” Nogay said.

On Monday, only severe damage was left in a few apartments. Now, they are waiting for the pipes to thaw in order to turn the water back on.

Thankfully, with those temperatures rising, they will be able to begin moving tenants back in in the next couple of days.