GROVE CITY, Pa. (WKBN) — There are many ways to celebrate a birthday — a party, maybe a vacation or just taking a day off from work. However, one woman decided to celebrate her 81st birthday at a high altitude.

With her harness cinched up and her headgear on, Marjorie Ferrick was ready to celebrate her birthday at SkyDive Fest in Grove City.

“I went skydiving for my 81st birthday…and I loved it, it was wonderful…For a year I’ve been planning that I was going to stand on the edge of the plane and just step out, but I sat down and I just went,” said Ferrick.

It was Ferrick’s first time jumping out of a plane and she recommends it to everyone.

“I’ve been wanting to do it, and so I did it, and I wasn’t nervous at all,” said Ferrick.

From seeing the clouds to the entire experience, Ferrick described the experience as wonderful.

“I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do it and not doing it, I wouldn’t think twice about doing it again,” said Ferrick.

Skydive Fest opens at 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday at Skydive Pennsylvania in Grove City. The last skydives of each evening will land at Libations Winery.