COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) — Thursday, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission announced more than $458 million in funding was awarded to five school construction projects. Locally, $63 million was awarded to Crestview Local Schools.

Crestview Schools announced last year they were going to construct a new school building. Now thanks to $63 million awarded — most of it by the state — they can continue pushing forward.

“We’re working with an architecture team and we’re working with all the representatives to make sure all of that space is under that co-funded structure,” said interim superintendent Dan Hill.

Hill has been with the district since the mid-90s and was part of the construction team. He’s seen the problems with the current building.

“Well, all of our mechanical systems have been in failure for a number of years and the cost of replacing those, the roof structures…We have constant leaks,” said Hill.

Parts of the building were added on in the 90s but the current middle school was built in the 60s. Hill said remodeling would cost them more.

“Basically when you take a look at the internal spine of the old structure, everything is coming out of that 1960 structure. So all of our heating, cooling, all of our technology,” said Hill.

The new building will be built just to the east of the current school. Administrative offices will be the spine of the school with the elementary, middle and high schools connecting off it.

“It’s going to sustain us for many generations to come. This is a — in my tenure in Crestview — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Hill.

So what to do with the current school building, after construction?

“It’s much further ahead as a district to go ahead and raise those structures,” said Hill.

With the plan to destroy the current building post-construction, Hill said they do plan on saving the performing arts center.

“Once the new structure is built, we will then reconnect our new structure to our performing arts center, once the old building is demolished,” said Hill.

Construction is expected to begin in mid to late 2023.