’60s pop artist commissions local artist for book cover art

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For his next piece, Moore was contacted by former pop musician Frankie Valens

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A local artist is getting some nationwide recognition with a book deal.

27 First News has showcased the work of Ron Moore, Jr. in the past. He’s been drawing for years, many times donating his artwork to families that have gone through tragedy.

For his next piece, Moore was contacted by former pop musician Frankie Valens.

Valens was a pop singer from the late 60s to the early 70s. He was mostly known for the song “This Magic Moment.” Since then, he’s become an author, writing multiple books. And to get help for some cover art, he reached out to Moore.

“He sent me a couple of photographs that were an inspiration for a painting for a cover,” Moore said.

Moore has done cover work for Valens on another book titled The Stranger but for this book, Moore is doing both the front and back cover.

“Bless his heart. We’re like brothers from another mother,” Valens said.

The novel is titled On Top of the Hill. It’s about an old mason on the top of a hill.

For the front cover, Moore added tulips to the painting for Valens and his wife. The tulip is the international symbol for Parkinson’s Disease, which Moore has.

“At the bottom of the hill, there’s this old stone fence. The gate leading into the edge so they can get up to where the mason is,” Moore said.

The back cover will feature stone steps coming out of a cave.

“I figured in a damp cave there’s a lot of moss and a lot of green plants that don’t need light,” Moore said.

It took him about 50 hours to make both paintings. According to Valens, the cover is very important.

“The front cover and the back cover actually sells it,” Valens said. “What you write on the back is like a synopsis of what’s inside.”

This is Valens’s 11 novel. The book will be published in a few weeks.

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