YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WKBN) Police say a 6-year-old wounded in a shooting early Wednesday morning on the South Side is in stable but guarded condition at St. Elizabeth Health Center.

The child was in the living room of a home in the 300 block of East Avondale Avenue at about 12:35 a.m. Wednesday when the home was struck by several rounds of gunfire.

Police couldn’t confirm how many shots were fired, but neighbors reported hearing over 20 shots.

911 Caller 1: Now, I just heard like 20 shots let off
911 Caller 2: I mean, major, it was a shootout
911 Caller 3: I cannot get off the floor because I’m too scared
911 Caller 5: It’s a lot and I got two babies upstairs and I just wanna make sure they’re not coming this way

Chief of Detectives Capt. Jason Simon said officers were already close by when a gunshot sensor call went out, and even though an ambulance was on the way, the first officers there decided to take the child to the hospital.

Simon said the house does have a history of calls with police, but he is not yet sure of the nature of those calls.

Simon said investigators believe someone else in the home was a target of the gunfire but instead a six-year-old was shot. His family called 911. It is an emotional call that our editorial team felt was important for you to hear.

Mother of victim: My house just got shot up…Yes, we’re in here. My son, he just got shot
Operator: We’re getting the ambulance up there right now, OK?

Simon said even though the child’s wounds were not life-threatening, they still wanted to be careful so police transported the child themselves.

Police: We’re going to transport him ourselves
Police: Copy, 105. Let St. E’s know that we’re bringing a child in, shooting victim

Investigators collected “numerous” shell casings in front of the home, but Simon said he could not comment on how many were collected or on how many weapons were involved.

Several other children and adults were also in the home at the time but were not injured.

Investigators encourage anyone with information to come forward. You can call (330)-746-CLUE with any tips or information.

“I ask everyone to put themselves in the shoes of a mother or father who had a 6-year-old that was shot and think if they would want cooperation, you know, for their child,” Simon said.

Johnny Chechitelli contributed to this report.