EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – Two fire fighters are now out of the hospital following a house fire in East Liverpool Tuesday night.

Four people, including the two firefighters, were taken to the hospital.

The fire started just before 11:30 p.m. at the house in the 900 block of Florence St.

The house is totaled, and three other homes were damaged. One neighbor says they had to leave their home.

There is still caution tape and debris from the house fire. On one side of the house there’s burnt wood, in the rear, a car is charred.

When fire crews arrived, they came in through the front, looking for anyone living there.

“But here, the occupants had already self-extracted. They had went out the second story window,” said Fire Chief Bill Jones.

Two people are in the hospital and are without a home.

On Wednesday, neighbors were out taking a look at the aftermath. They saw what happened firsthand.

“My son said the house is on fire next door and got out there and saw flames shooting out the back door and out the side window at the same time,” said Ruth Wilson, a neighbor.

It wasn’t just the sight of the fire neighbors were amazed by. The feel of the fire also caught them by surprise.

“Oh very intense. It was hard to even stand here. That’s how hot it was,” said Ashley Nally, another neighbor.

Nally lives across the street from the house. She had siding that melted from the heat of the fire. Also across the street, more siding was melting from Wilson’s home, but that’s not all.

“My camper. I have a camper in my yard right there. You see the wheels?” Wilson said.

A police officer told her she had to get everyone out of her home, and it wasn’t until a few hours later she was allowed back.

Both neighbors say the fire department did run into some trouble.

“They couldn’t get the fire hydrants to work, so they didn’t have water they needed to get the fire under control and the heat was just so, so hot from it,” Nally said.

Chief Jones confirmed there was an issue with some hydrants.

“We have a tanker shutter police that we implemented,” he said.

That came from mutual aid agreements with other departments.

The fire is still under investigation.