YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you were driving in downtown Youngstown Sunday, you might have seen quite a few men marching in their suits. It was a march of unity. Some of the men who marched say it’s not enough to march but to also support one another.

“We have come together as a community first if we’re going to fix our community. So that’s why we asked for 300 Black men to come today,” said Mayor Tito Brown.

No justice, no peace.

Four common words that have been uttered by people across the country these last few months.

On Sunday, 300 influential Black men gathered in front of the Covelli Centre in downtown Youngstown for a peaceful march for justice and unity.

“This was a beautiful showing of how Black men can come together in a peaceful manner for the cause of good,” said Pastor Mark T. Jackson of the Light Church.

Along with highlighting racial injustices, the march was also centered around Black men connecting with one another.  

Mayor Tito Brown, along with other influential Black men, spoke and gave their voice on how to improve the community.

“Someone paved the way for me to be here as mayor, but also I want to take my position and pave the way for the next generation coming on. We talked about registering to vote. If you’re not registered, then you’re not apart of the solution. Also, we wanted to support our local minority owned businesses as well,” Mayor Tito Brown said.

“It just made you feel good, man. We had clergy here, businesses of all kinds, people in the arts, educators, everybody came together for one purpose, to unify,” Pastor Mark said.

Although Pastor Mark enjoyed the march, he insisted that the Black community remain proactive.

“We need to be active, we need to be moving, we need to be doing something,” Pastor Mark said. “It’s not enough just to march, but we have to come together and really support each other, collaborate. Let each other know what’s going on in our city, stand for justice, do right, help our city come together. That was the main thing, to unify.”

Mayor Tito Brown said this fall there will be an Inclusive Men’s march for all men.