YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There was a crazy summer week in Youngstown with 8 people shot.

Two people were killed on the same night: Michael Callahan, age 40, and Persayus Davis-May, just 10-years old. It was her death three months ago which shocked the city.

A 10-year-old girl caught in the crossfire during August, and her family, community and the city, haven’t forgotten.

“Everyone’s coming together working to make sure we can continue to look for justice for the 10-year-old and her family. So we haven’t stopped that, but having more officers on the street will definitely help us combat the crime and also have our detectives out there following leads,” said Mayor Tito Brown.

The girl is still on everyone’s mind, including investigators who hope to solve the case. The child’s death brought the city to its knees.

“I think the message changed when you saw the community come in and say enough is enough. And we’ve gotten the state to come in and say enough is enough,” Brown said.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and other agencies are still helping Youngstown with extra patrols around the city. They’re in the air, on the ground, all around town and the extra element is unannounced.

“That criminal element knows that at any time a police officer may be around and they may end up going to jail or getting caught,” said Youngstown police Chief Carl Davis.

The city believes the results are working, more arrests and finding guns which some people are not allowed to have. But the police chief also credits some other help from above.

“I don’t shy away from my faith. I believe in prayer, a lot of initiatives we put in place, along with the non-violence marches with pastor Kenny Simon and his organization,” Davis said.

Chief Davis believes the faith focus shined a light on the city, exposing even more people who cared and wanted the violence to stop. The city has seen the shootings slow down, one step at a time.

“I know we will never be 100% free of crime but we’re going to do our best, to get there,” Davis said.

The city continues to say that there is no end date on the extra patrols.  

If you have any information to help police solve the death of the child or any other crime in the city, you can report it anonymously to 746-CLUE.