GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – The following is the best picture we have of what’s believed to be a man carrying collectibles from Time Capsule Toys in downtown Girard. Police are assuming it’s the same man who burglarized Niles Sportscards & Collectibles just one week ago.

Rick Fusselman is the owner of Time Capsule Toys. Thursday evening, he showed us how his store was robbed, basing it partly on surveillance video showing a man crossing West Liberty Street at 3:40 a.m. Thursday.

Time Capsule Toys in Girard burglary

“We assume he took a hammer to it because of the way the impact hole and the way it spider webbed. He kept hitting it in the same spot until it finally broke and fell through,” he said.

Inside, Fusselman showed us the cases from where items were stolen.

“But like right here was our vintage Star Wars figures. I mean, he took like every single one. They were double stacked so he took like seven or eight,” he said.

Then the burglar went to the case with WWF Hasbros, where there were only a couple still left.

“There were probably about close to if not over $2,000 worth of WWF Hasbros,” Fusselman said.

On his way out, the burglar grabbed a 3-foot tall boxed Power Ranger that was sitting on a shelf.

The surveillance video then shows him exiting the store the same way he entered, this time carrying the stolen items.

“We’re looking at about $4,000 worth of inventory,” Fusselman said.

Last Thursday at Niles Sportscards & Collectibles, a man broke in and stole various items. He was in the Niles store for five minutes and the Girard store for seven minutes. Police are working on the theory that it’s the same man.

“He knew what he was coming in for,” Fusselman said.

Fusselman assumes he was recently in the store and cased it. He believes because of how specialized the items are, the thief will have trouble selling them, so what’s the motive?

“Collectibles right now are very hot, like very hot. Anything from vintage to cards to shirts and stuff like that. Vintage is super hot right now,” Fusselman said.

Fusselman thinks that eventually, whoever is doing this will make a mistake and get caught. If by chance you have an idea of who the man is in the videos, call Girard police.