YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – First News has been looking into a stretch of street lights that has been out for roughly a year.

On U.S. Route 62 westbound, right between the Madison Avenue Expressway and the Himrod Avenue Expressway, there’s close to a mile with no street lights on.

The stretch of freeway is completely dark other than the lights coming from the vehicles traveling along the road.

We caught up with the deputy director of the Public Works Department in Youngstown to find out exactly whose responsibility it is to fix the lights.

“If it’s a freeway that is not an interstate, State Route 193, Madison Avenue Expressway, State Route 62, Himrod Expressway, State Route 711, those are ours,” said Chuck Shasho, deputy director of Public Works.

But Shasho says he’s not sure why the lights have been out for so long.

“If there’s a stretch of lights that are out, it sounds like it can be some kind of circuit issue. You know, we’ll have to do some further investigation,” he said.

Shasho said it’s possible FirstEnergy will be the one to fix the problem, and the city will be billed for the work.

A statement from FirstEnergy was sent to First News stating, “While these streetlights are owned by the City of Youngstown, we are reviewing tariffs to see if we can complete the lighting repairs as billable work to the customer.”

It went on to state that, “Over the few weeks, we’ll be inspecting about 100 streetlights along/near the expressway to get a better idea of how many repairs we are looking at. We are currently working with the city to try and resolve the streetlight concerns and get them back up and running soon.”

Shasho says anyone who notices street lights that are out can report them to FirstEnergy.

We asked FirstEnergy if there had been any prior reports of the lights being out, and they said they’re not sure how many, if any, reports have come in for those lights in particular.

However, First News Assignment Director Kristen Hephner says she reported the outage to the city over a year ago.

FirstEnergy, however, did send the following contact information for anyone who needs to report an outage:

  • 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) and say “streetlight” after the greeting
  • Use this link to report the lighting problem online
  • When reporting an outage, let them know:
    • Your name and phone number
    • Address where the streetlight is located (nearest house or business address and the nearest cross street)
    • Number on the utility pole
    • What is wrong with the streetlight (damaged pole, broken light fixture, light is off at night or on during the day or flickers)

Kristen Hephner contributed to this report.