LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – First News learned about a connection between State Towers and another apartment building in Trumbull County.

Sharon’s City Manager Bob Fiscus says they are looking into another situation at a Green Acres Liberty Apartment that former property manager Joe Fusco is involved with.

According to the Trumbull County auditor, Fusco is listed as the taxpayer under “TOWNSHIP RESIDENCIES LLC” for 3001 and 3003 Green Acres Drive. The tax address is the same as the State Towers building on East State Street.

Two women who live in some of the few occupied units at the Liberty address wanted the opportunity to describe their experience.

“The same thing he’s doing over there, he’s trying to get away with here,” said the first woman, who wanted to remain anonymous.

She says Fusco is also their property manager, which is proven through a public record search through the Trumbull County Auditor.

The woman allowed First News into the building on the 3000 Block of Green Acres Drive to see the conditions inside.

“It’s scary to come in here at night,” said the first woman.

“You don’t know who’s coming in, you know, so it’s hard. The doors don’t even lock at all,” said another woman, who also wished to remain anonymous.

Like the Towers, several dead smoke detectors can be heard in the building.

“If a fire comes, we’re hit. We’re hit. Plain and simple,” said one of the women.

According to Liberty Fire Inspector Capt. Cathy Macchione, the department received a complaint about the apartments on Green Acres and went to the buildings to inspect them. She found smoke detectors that weren’t working, fire extinguishers that needed to be replaced, and emergency lighting that needed to be fixed.

The property owner/manager has 10 days to fix those issues.

Tenants in both Liberty and Sharon want answers.

“If Joe Fusco would go ahead a do what he’s supposed to do as a landlord. I guarantee you he does not live like we live,” said the woman.

City Manager released the following statement to WKBN in regard to the Liberty property:

The City of Sharon is looking into reports that a property with similar challenges in Youngstown, Ohio, may be affiliated with State Towers, 632 E. State St., Sharon. Recently State Towers in Sharon was shut down and its residents relocated because the property was considered “unsafe and unsanitary and unfit for any human to live in.”

Bob Fiscus, Sharon City Manager

Fusco’s appeared in District Court Monday, where he pleaded guilty to eight code violations in relation to the Sharon property. He was ordered to pay $3,200 in fines.

State Towers Property Owner Nancy Duker also headed to court for her alleged role.

Sources say Duker is also connected to these buildings and several other properties and businesses in the Valley.

Nadine Grimley contributed to this report.