CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – As the Labor Day weekend comes to a close, the last day of the Canfield Fair is just about to wrap up.

Thousands of people came out – including Gov. Mike DeWine, a lot of John Fogerty fans and even one man all the way from Florida.

Canfield High School junior Malia Swartz, 17, came to the fair for an extra credit assignment for her AP government class.

“We’ve been going to different booths trying to interview people. The governor was here, which was perfect for us,” Swartz said.

Over at the Purple Heart Tent, by raffling off two TVs, they raised about $8,000 for scholarships for college, trade and tech schools to go to children who are family members of Purple Heart recipients.

“I wouldn’t trade the people of Youngstown for all the money in the world. It’s unbelievable how giving they are. We had a great fair,” said Leo Connelly Jr.

As people started to line up for the John Fogerty concert, the fairgrounds were starting to dry out.

One man, Gary Centafanti, said he came all the way from Florida for the Canfield Fair and hasn’t missed one in decades. He says his favorite part of the fair is eating the food. According to him, fair food in Naples, Florida, doesn’t have the same Italian flare you see here.

“A lot of local venders – that’s what makes it special, I think. It’s not a normal carnival kind of thing were the food is trucked in -it’s a lot of local people who make the food they sell,” Centafanti said.