Two churches came together for mass and lunch on Sunday morning to show racial unity.

Melvin Trent is the pastor of New Beginnings Outreach Ministries, a predominantly black church. He preached alongside Duane Jesse, the pastor from Zion Lutheran Church, which is a predominantly white church a few minutes away.

“To come against racism and bring both congregations together as one,” Trent said.

The collaboration was a way to show the community and their congregations how simple conversations can break down barriers. 

“When you know each other and fellowship with each other, you can’t help but love each other,” Jesse said.

This is the third time the two churches have come together for worship.

Rick Carson is a member of New Beginnings. He said differences between people are clear to him, but through the joints service, he was able to see unity.

“It’s really opened my eyes not so much on the differences, but the similarities that we all share,” Carson said.