YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Everyone wants to be home for Christmas. A place to feel loved and surrounded by family, but that probably won’t be the case for some pets at a local no-kill adoption and rescue. They’ve been waiting to find their home.

The Countdown to Christmas is more like a count-up for two cats at West Side Cats. Boot-C and Tig have been at the adoption and rescue site since May 2021.

“I whispered in both their ears Thursday when I was here. I’m like, I’m gonna put another post out. I can feel it. Your person is out there,” said Sheri Hufnagel, a volunteer at West Side Cats.

The two girls were found in Warren and came to West Side two days apart. One was a little sick and spent time in the clinic, before their reunion.

“Tig went right over and Tig just jumped into bed with Boot-C and they’ve been inseparable ever since then,” said Director Jane Polish.

Boot-C has four white boots. Tig is covered in white fur on her front. They’re good companions. One is energetic. One is chill. They’re just waiting for a second chance at getting a home.

“They’re just great cats. Just don’t overlook the shy ones. Because they need homes, too, Hufnagel said.

Most cats get adopted within six months. These two have been waiting seventeen months.
West Side has featured the cats on its social media pages. They’ve had people line up appointments to see if they would be a good fit. It just hasn’t worked out yet.

“I’m glad they don’t know because there’s some applications and adoptions that fall through and you know, they don’t know any better,” Hufnagel said.

Hufnagel was crying when she typed up the latest social media post sharing Boot-C and Tig’s story last week. West Side Cats is believing in a Christmas miracle.

“This is their second Christmas here. We don’t want to see that happen anymore. We want ’em to go home,” Polish said.

You have to make an appointment to see Boot-C and Tig. West Side Cats wants people to fill out an application and spend some time with them to make an informed decision, instead of an emotional one.

There are appointments this week. Call West Side Cats if you’re interested at 330-792-4228.

West Side has two other cats that are also spending a second Christmas at the shelter and would like to find them a home.