2 brothers bring music to community members on a “Porch Tour” in Columbiana

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Joseph and Zachary Conkle are The Conkle Brothers, an acoustic duo from Columbiana

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – There aren’t as many opportunities to enjoy live music this summer because of COVID-19, so two brothers set out on a “Porch Tour” to bring the music to their neighborhoods.

Joseph and Zachary Conkle are The Conkle Brothers, an acoustic duo from Columbiana.

“I wouldn’t want to play with anyone else, honestly,” said Zachary.

They performed for their family and then for their community.

“It’s an unseen impact, but what happens when you can bring some refreshing porch music to a family is–you can’t package it into words what it can do,” Joseph said.

The brothers started their concert or “Porch Tour,” as they call it, at their family farm Saturday afternoon, surrounded by their biggest fans and the people who introduced music into their lives.

“Playing music with someone, that’s a really intimate thing. That’s why people get nervous in front of each other when they haven’t played in front of each other. Well…we know each other in and out, so it just makes it super easy to process,” Joseph said.

Then, they hit the road to bring their music to four other porches around Columbiana, playing almost an hour set list at each stop.

“I think music is really something that brings everyone together, and just going to the porches of these people who haven’t heard it in so long, it’s going to be really amazing,” Zachary said.

And once they were done on one porch, they went off to the next.

“At the end of the day, we’re doing it to bring music to the people,” Joseph said.

The Conkle Brothers just released an album. More information about them and their album can be found on their website.

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