2 ‘aggressive’ dogs that mauled cat in Braceville found, back with owner

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Update: According to the Braceville police chief, the owner of the two German Shepherds picked them up Wednesday evening at a Holiday Inn in Newton Falls. Police were on the scene and the Trumbull County Dog Warden has yet to rule them as vicious.

BRACEVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – The search continues for two aggressive dogs that attacked and killed a cat in Braceville on Tuesday.

The Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office is now using drones to look for the dogs from up above.

“Well, we brought our drone team out trying to use aerial support, seeing if we can locate these two dogs. We’d like to come up with a safe resolution to this,” said Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe.

Investigators are working to find what they describe as two black German Shepherds.

Wednesday morning, someone reported seeing the animals in a wooded area just south of Route 5.

“I hope they catch them soon so that nobody else gets hurt,” said witness Mark Briggs.

The dogs were caught on Briggs’ home surveillance camera mauling the cat on Westgate Drive.

“It was very scary because if one of us would have been out there or even a small child that runs through this neighborhood could have been attacked by these dogs,” Briggs said.

Investigators believe they are the same dogs involved in an attack on a woman at Venture Plastics in January of 2018.

“They’re very dangerous, they are aggressive, they do have a history of attacking people,” said Braceville Township Patrolman James Shirilla.

David Hanson owns the dogs accused in the 2018 incident, and although his attorney says two of Hanson’s dogs got out on Tuesday, he can’t say for sure the dogs in the video belong to Hanson.

“I looked at the video of the cat attack and I saw two large, black dogs with pointy ears and long snouts that looked very similar to David’s dogs but I did not see distinctive markings that David’s dogs have in that video,” said Harry DePietro, Hanson’s attorney.

Police say if you do spot the dogs to not approach them. Instead, call Trumbull County Dispatch at 330-675-2730.

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