CHAMBERSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) — First News brought you the story of Whiteleather Farms in July. A fire burned down three of their barns, one of which was over 140 years old. Now, they are already rebuilding.

The ground of Whiteleather Farms was just a pile of rubble almost two months ago but progress is already being made.

A crane put up the first new barn’s trusses in place last Friday. The final truss is marked with a pine evergreen which Shirley Whiteleather said is a sign of life.

“Evergreens are green all year round, and it’s just a representation of new life, and it’s just like a blessing,” said Shirley.

Friday, workers began assembling the roof. It’s been a quick turnaround after an awful tragedy.

“We are truly blessed to have the workers here that we have. We are appreciating it and can’t wait to have it finished,” said Lawrence Whiteleather.

It’s been difficult not having these barns. For example, one of the old barns was where calves were born.
Recently, the Whiteleathers birthed calves in a much smaller facility.

With hundreds of cows on the farm, space is limited.

“We have to kind of keep an eye on them, to get them into the hospital area so that they are on a manure packed, straw vetted area, clean environment,” said Lawrence.

One barn that burned down was over 140 years old. The foundation for a new barn stands in its place.
Glenn Whiteleather says the old barn will be missed but the new barns will have benefits.

“You can’t think about it. I just can’t think about it. It’s gone. You got to keep on moving. An advantage of this one is it’s going to have a lot more ventilation than the old structure had. It’s better for the cows, we hope,” said Glenn.

Lawrence said one barn is expected to be finished in just 40 days.