13-year-old boy hurt in Milton Township mobile home fire

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A mobile home fire left a teen boy burned overnight. The 13-year-old had to walk across the fire in his grandparents’ trailer, where he was staying, to escape.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. Friday at the Embassy Mobile Home Park on Azalea Drive.

“We got real aggressive on the fire, tried to knock it down quick, make entry and see, again, if we did have victims that we could possibly rescue and get care for, if that was the case,” said Milton Township Fire Chief Harold Maynard.

Thankfully, that was not the case. Dwain and Brenda Miller, along with their grandson, got out before the fire took over their trailer.

The boy’s great-grandmother, Jewell Sponaugle, lives down the street and came running when her son called her to say his home was on fire.

“It’s overwhelming,” she said. “When that phone rang and he said, ‘Mom, my house is on fire,’ I thought, at first, I was having a nightmare.”

The family said smoke alarms woke them up.

Maynard said mobile home fires are difficult to fight because they’re made of thin material and hold in the heat.

“They don’t vent out through the roof like a typical wooden frame structure house would do, so they hold the heat and they continue to burn hotter and faster.”

He met with the State Fire Marshal. They said the fire started in the middle of the trailer, but they don’t know how.

“It appears it started in the middle because that’s where the most damage is done,” Maynard said. “That’s where most of the structure of the trailer itself is burned out.”

There isn’t much left. Some pictures survived but one of the family’s cars is destroyed.

“Everything you see behind us here can be replaced,” Maynard said. “The end result is everybody’s safe.”

However, the family dog is nowhere to be found. Maynard thinks it may have gotten away and is running loose.

Maynard talked with the family Friday morning. He said the boy is dealing with burns on his left ear and left shoulder, but is expected to be alright.

“He seemed in really good spirits. He understands and he gave me a really good statement — what occurred and what he saw.”

The Red Cross is helping the family.

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