11-year-old didn’t let anything get in the way of helping save grandma’s life

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Beverly Dickey fell onto a piece of metal that nicked an artery near her knee, causing severe bleeding

WINDHAM, Ohio (WKBN) – A Portage County boy is a hero after saving his grandmother. He’s also a child who didn’t let anything get in his way.

“She just started screaming my name and shouting ‘Help, help!'”

Eleven-year-old Hunter Craven was the only one around to hear his grandma yell for help.

“I don’t really know what I was feeling. I just went into action when she started screaming,” Hunter said.

He found her lying on the floor of the shed in their backyard.

“I just ran there and asked what’s wrong and she said, ‘Get your mom, my leg is bleeding!'” Hunter said.

“I got one dog out, I was taking the second dog out and he came running up, ‘Mom, mom, Meemaw needs help, she fell!'” said Hunter’s mom, April Dickey.

Beverly Dickey had fallen onto a piece of metal. It hit her knee that had recently been replaced and nicked an artery, causing severe bleeding.

“I looked at it and I couldn’t get the bleeding to even slow down so I was like, ‘No, we need the ambulance,'” April said.

Beverly calls her grandson Hunter her hero and credits him for saving her life. If he hadn’t heard her yell and went for help so quickly, she’s worried she would have bled out.

“I was very proud, very proud of him,” April said.

Hunter lives with autism, but his mom April said he has proven that is doesn’t hold him back.

“They can still be capable of doing major things to help out in major ways,” she said.

“You never know what will happen. So in case something does go wrong, you want to have someone else there to help you,” Hunter said.

Beverly was treated at the hospital and has made a full recovery.

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