YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A major donation will help a local provider expand its commitment to educate children on depression and suicide.

ONE Health Ohio and the Butterflies & Hope Memorial Foundation gave a $10,000 gift to the Linkages Program, which is run by the Alta Care Group.

The program shares the signs and symptoms of depression, and tells the students what they should do if a friend, family member or even they feel depressed or suicidal.

“We’re looking to target at least four more schools we can get into. That means we’ll be able to screen at least 100 more kids and educate probably 400 more kids in terms of recognizing signs and symptoms of depression,” said Joe Shorokey from Alta Care Group.

“Even if we help one child, if we change one child’s life, if we prevented that one child’s suicide, then to me that $10,000 is worth it,” said Dr. Ronald Dwinnells from ONE Health Ohio.

Butterflies and Hope Memorial Foundation is dedicated to supporting behavioral health issues afflicting children and young adults