YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police and humane agents took 10 dogs and puppies from an East Side home Wednesday.

The dogs were in the backyard of a home in the 300 block of South Jackson Street that housing officials have declared uninhabitable.

“This is one of those scenes that you kind of are hit in the face with,” said Jane MacMurchy, of Animal Charity of Ohio.

The dogs were in pens in a muddy backyard that smells of feces and wet leaves. Their bones are showing, and they are not clean.

“We saw a lot of animals that are in really, extremely poor shape,” MacMurchy said.

Agents said a concerned citizen called about the situation, which involves two houses across from each other but owned by the same family. After code enforcement officers found one of the houses had no running water and had it condemned, agents seized the animals.

A man was found squatting in the condemned house when officials arrived, and he was ordered to leave, which he did. The dogs were taken to Animal Charity.

“All of them are dehydrated. All of them are malnourished. All of them have wounds. A few are emergency cases,” said MacMurchy.

Police and humane agents are taking at least 10 dogs from an East Side home.

Workers were assessing the animals, which may need emergency veterinarian care in Pittsburgh or Akron.

The owners could be facing code violations because of the conditions of the house, while humane agents work to determine what charges they may file.

For now, agents say their priority is getting the dogs proper care.