YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – One Valley-based employer was listed in the top 100 employers in the state of Ohio.

Covelli Enterprises came in at 46 with 7,100 employees in 2022.

The top employer in Ohio is the Cleveland Clinic Foundation with 56,986, followed by Walmart with 55,262 and Amazon with 45,000.

Others to hit the top 100 were Kroger with 44,077, Ohio State University and Medical Center with 35,656 and Wright-Patterson Airforce Base with 33,807.

The top employer in manufacturing is Honda with 14,400 employees in Ohio, followed by Whirlpool with 11,079 and Procter and Gamble with 11,000.

Top financial employers include JPMorgan Chase with 20,228, Progressive with 13,236 and Nationwide with 13,000.

Universities and hospitals peppered the list of 100 employers along with FirstEnergy, Goodyear, Cintas and many retailers and retail pharmacies.