SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – An old manufacturing space will be converted into apartments and a recreation center with help from a grant through the American Rescue Plan Act money.

The funds are being used to support large projects to help downtown development.

The following projects were awarded funds:

Diehl Automotive (Diehl Hyundai of Sharon), 1300 E. State St., Sharon: $250,000 – HVAC – The project will create the “the most up to date” Hyundai facility in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, according to Matt Diehl, VP of Diehl Automotive

ACTS Theatre Group, 40 S. Irvine Ave., Sharon: $225,000 – Business Expansion – Renovations will be finished in the former Sacred Heart sanctuary to create a second performance space that will seat over 250 people. The money will also help provide entertainment and educational programming.

Shenango LLC: (JCL Development & Hudson Companies) Location: 297 Shenango Ave., Sharon: $450,000 –Student Housing near PSU – The project will include an indoor recreational facility and 12 apartments.

Buhl Club, 28 Pine St., Sharon: $225,000 – HVAC Improvements – As part of a major renovation project, the money will be used to update and improve the HVAC system. Phase One of the $7 million project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Renovations include a new first floor with an updated wellness and fitness center, the addition of a youth and teen center, a new welcome center, family locker room and mechanical updates throughout. Phase Two includes renovations and new bathrooms to the second floor to better support Penn State athletics.

Nova Destinations, Pulaski (Location: 23 Chestnut Ave., Sharon): $150,000 – New Business Startup –  Funds will be used to bring multiple unique destinations to Sharon. The project is in the final stages of planning and will be announced in the coming weeks.

ACTS board of director member Tom Roberts says this has long been anticipated.

“We’ve been ready. This is gonna get us over the finish line so we can open the doors in this large performance space in the fall,” says Roberts.

The city received over $14 million in funds. While some of that will go toward local municipal projects, officials also want much of it to go toward existing businesses and attracting new ones.

“We don’t want to bury it in sewer lines and infrastructure,” says Bob Fiscus, Sharon city manager. “We wanna make sure that that money sees sustainable change.”

Carl Sizer, vice president of Sharon City Council, said there is a lot of forward motion happening in the city.

“The City’s goal is to invest in projects and initiatives that are aligned with the long-term goal of improving the downtown and surrounding areas. We are excited to see these projects move forward and improve our city,” he said.

This is the first round of the ARPA funds to be dispersed.

The city has already invested $2 million to support new job creation programs at Penn State Shenango.

Nova Destinations will receive $150,000 to develop new entertainment space on Chestnut Street, eventually hiring up to 100 full- and part-time employees.

The city manager says another round of funding will be announced next month.