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Local furniture polish maker brings business under one roof in Salem


SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – A brand that has been based in Mahoning County for over a century is growing.

Milsek Furniture Polish Company has grown and has now moved all of its production and offices under one roof in Salem.

This past fall, the Herubin moved the factory from Petersburg, the warehouse from Youngstown, and the offices from Greenford. Now, everything is in the same building at Salem Industrial Park.

“It was a small location. In fact, it wasn’t even large enough for what we were doing,” Chris Herubin said.

The company is looking to expand even more, and the entire family is helping. The family is trying to take the brand nationwide.

“They haven’t heard of Milsek, so the biggest factor that we’ve done is advertising,” Herubin said. “There are a lot of furniture polishes out there, but none of them will clean and polish at the same time. Milsek will take grease and grime off kitchen cabinets and restore shine at the same time.”

Everyone in the family helps out. The kids help when they’re home from college, and Herubin’s mother Joyce often helps, too.

While Joyce’s official duties are to run the books, she doesn’t stay in the front office.

“Everything else that goes along with running the business – filling, hands on. I love to do all that as well,” Joyce Herubin said.

The family is betting that once they get the product distributed across the country, everyone will fall in love with it like they have.

“When you make a big investment in a building and your advertising campaign, you are rolling the dice every day,” Chris Herubin said.


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