Local Democrats: Trump not following through on job promises


BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Labor unions, politicians and community members rallied together Saturday in support of Ohio Jobs. They’re pointing the finger at President Donald Trump, saying he isn’t doing enough to keep jobs in the state.

George Sfikas has worked at a call center in Boardman for five years. He’s watched as other centers closed and sent their jobs overseas.

“Am I gonna be next?” Sfikas said. “Is it this call center that’s gonna close now and am I going to have to go look for another job in another place?”

Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan says Sfikas’ story is all too common.

She and other Democrats led Saturday’s rally to help get the Consumer Call Center Protection Act through the Ohio Senate.

“It just holds companies responsible for offshoring jobs,” Lepore-Hagan said. “And especially if they have received state loans or grants.”

Good Jobs Nation helped organize the rally as well. They fight for working class job security and growth.

So far, they’re not impressed with President Trump.

“He promised more jobs, better wages — he promised he was going to stop offshoring,” said Joseph Geevarghese of Good Jobs Nation. “But we’re now seven months into his presidency and he hasn’t lifted a finger to deliver on those promises.”

The Mahoning County GOP Chairman disagrees.

He says Trump has made incredible progress despite Democratic opposition.

“Keystone XL Pipeline, which is under construction, which results in thousands of jobs,” said Mark Munroe of Mahoning County GOP. “There’s excitement in the business community about possible tax reform.”

Sfikas wants to see more change — and fast.

“I don’t expect them in the first week or in the first month,” he said. “But in the first year, we should be seeing change.”


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